Time to Reform Business Under the Gold Dome



My Fellow Georgians,

We find ourselves in trying times. Unemployment is rampant and we see our neighbors suffering. The time has come for a new vision for Georgia. No longer can we afford to go along to get along. Everyday I become more concerned with the business environment in the great state of Georgia.

It is time that we make bold decisions to secure our future. The time has come to adopt a Fair Tax in Georgia. When states move away from an income tax, their economies react positively. A Fair Tax will provide incentive to save and encourage investment in Georgia.

I also see our education system as a concern. We need to expand school choice throughout the state so our children will have the future that they deserve. We owe it to them to send them out into the world with a solid education after graduation.

It is because of this that I am excited to announce that I am running for House Seat 112. I will work for the people of Newton and Morgan County to solve problems. If you elect me, I promise the people that I will not just “talk the talk” of conservatism, I will “walk the walk”. The voters of our community deserve a representative that is willing to campaign on solutions, not just empty rhetoric. I humbly ask for your support and your vote. As my favorite president once said, together we can make sure our “best days are ahead of us”.

Aaron Brooks